Our Team


Canturberry is composed of diverse individuals working together to empower and educate surrounding communities. We look at ourselves as an organization that provides high quality programs that are accessible and affordable. Behind this work is great people. Follow along to learn more about them.


Meet Nafisa (one of the organizers of Canturberry)

Hi Everyone,

My name is Nafisa Umarji. I am currently a certified teacher with Edmonton Public Schools. I can’t even begin to explain my love for children and early learning. Ever since I can remember I have always enjoyed being part of the shocking light bulb moment. Guiding children through a learning experience rather than facilitating is something that I believe in. My philosophy for early learning is that children learn best when we enrich their young minds through play and mindful experiences.

Besides being a teacher and an active volunteer , I carry another role that comes above all. That is the role of being a mom… a mom to that cute little monkey you see in the picture above. His eagerness to learn and his curiosity of the world around him is really a special journey to be apart of.

Being part of the Canturberry Family is so much more than just a role, it’s a dream come true. My hope is that we can use this organization to advocate for social justice, under recognized populations and build better communities to help build a better tomorrow. I look forward to meeting you. We’ve got work to do!

Contact us today @ yegcommunitypreschool@gmail.com


Meet Bernadette Jeneroux ( one of our program planners) .

I have a great passion for teaching and I work hard to engage students in learning through high-energy and hands-on lessons. With an undergraduate degree in the arts, I have a zeal for writing and strive to spark the same excitement within my students. I received my teaching license through Kings University, and it’s been a dream come true to do what I love.

Joining the Canturberry family has given me an opportunity to work along side some really inspiring people. I’ve learned the true importance of serving those around me. I can’t wait to see what great things we’ll accomplish in Edmonton.